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Day 1 : September 21st, 2019
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time
The Foundation
Tick-Talk: Effective Pre-operative Communication Dr Mithilesh Kumar 8:30 8:50
Integrating principles of Palliative Care in Anaesthesia practice Dr Sushma Bhatnagar 8:50 9:10
Pre-operative Optimization - What is different in the Cancer Patients? Dr Vijaya Gottumukkala 9:10 9:30
Head and Neck Cancer Session
Airway assessment and Intraoperative airway challenges Dr Apeksh Patwa 9:30 9:50
TORS - Anaesthetic Challenges Dr Rajesh Holalu 9:50 10:10
Postoperative Airway management strategies Dr Jerry Paul 10:10 10:30
INAUGURATION 10:30 11:00
How I manage?
Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) in a patient with Mediastinal Mass Dr Dilip Thakar 11:00 11:20
Robotic Pelvic Surgery in Obese Patient Dr Raj Tobin 11:20 11:40
Anaesthesia for patients undergoing orthopedic oncologic surgeries Dr Sunjoy Verma 11:40 12:00
Research and Outcomes
Intraperitoneal local anaesthetics in epithelial ovarian cancers Dr Anil Gupta 12:00 12:20
Anaesthetic technique alters long term survival after gastrointestinal oncosurgery Dr. Venugopal Kulkarni 12:20 12:40
Key Note Lecture
Perioperative Cancer Care- Challenges and Solutions specific to Indian sub-continent J Divatia 12:40 13:15
LUNCH 13:15 13:45
Coagulation, Bleeding and Cancer
Thrombocytopenia and oncoprocedures Dr V V Meenakshi 13:45 14:05
Massive Transfusion in Pediatric Oncosurgery Dr Rakhi Khemka 14:05 14:25
Liquid Blood - Solid Measures in Cancer Patients Moderator - Dr. Rakesh Garg, Dr. Bankim Shah, Dr.Venugopal Nair , Dr. Amol Kothekar 14:25 15:05
Challenges for Onco-Anaesthesiologists
Oncosurgery in IHD patients - How to escape the MAZ(C)E? Dr Muthuswamy G 15:05 15:25
RCC with tumor extension to RA - How do I manage Dr Tony Thomas 15:25 15:45
Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy for Pheochromocytoma - Anesthetic Challenges Dr Rekha Das 15:45 16:05
Geriatric Oncoanaesthesia - Pushing the boundary!!! Namrata R / Dr. Sohan Solanki, Dr Viplab Patro , Dr. Nishkarsh Gupta 16:05 16:45
Indian Consensus Statement on HIPEC Dr. Sohan Solanki
Moderator: Dr. J. Divatia, Dr. Vijaya Gottumukula
16:45 Till End

Day 2 : September 22nd, 2019
Topic Speaker Start Time End Time
Perioperative Management
ERAS Implementation and Outcomes in Oncosurgery Dr Vinod NK 9:00 9:20
Cancer Therapies : Implications In The Perioperative Period Dr Vijaya Gottumukkala 9:20 9:40
Nutritional Optimization in patients with GI Obstructive Cancer Dr B. Ravinder Reddy 9:40 10:00
Fluid therapy in Whipples Procedure Dr Sanjay Upadhye 10:00 10:20
Opioid free Anaesthesia! Myth or reality? Dr Rakesh Garg(Reality) Vs Dr Gautam Girotra (Myth) 10:20 10:45
Malignant Brain Tumors - Looking Beyond the Principles of Neuroanaesthesia Dr Padmaja Durga 10:45 11:05
Awake Craniotomy for Glioma Dr Suparna Bharadwaj 11:05 11:25
Recent Advances
The challenges of research in Onco-Anaesthesia Dr Anil Gupta 11:25 11:45
HIPEC and Anesthetic Implications Dr Kalpana Balakrishnan 11:45 12:05
Video presentation
Anaesthetizing for Proton Therapy in Pediatric Patients Dr Alpana Parihar 12:05 12:15
Long term venous access Dr Vibhavari Naik 12:15 12:25
Key Note Session
Oncoanaesthesia Specialization - Is it Required? - OncoSurgeon's Perspective Dr T Subramanyeshwar Rao 12:25 13:00
LUNCH 13:00 13:30
Oncocritical Care
Oncological Emergencies and their management Moderator: Dr Jeson Doctor; Dr Sudipta Mukherjee; Vaishali Waindeskar, Dr Ashok 13:30 14:10
Antibiotic Stewardship in Cancer Patients Dr Anand Mamdapur 14:10 14:30
Paraneoplastic Syndromes - Danger lurking round the corner Dr Olakunle 14:30 14:50
How Do I Manage?
Anaesthesia for VATS Lobectomy/Segmentectomy Dr Dilip Thakar 14:50 15:10
Anaesthesia for hepatic resection Dr Jyotsna Goswamy 15:10 15:30
Pain Management
Pre-operative Opioids for Cancer Pain - Postoperative Challenges Dr Mary Thomas 15:30 15:50
Perioperative Pain Plan- relevance to chronic pain prevention Dr. Raghavendra R. 15:50 16:10
Acute Pain Services in a Cancer Hospital Moderator - Dr Muralidhar Joshi. Panelists - Dr.Anjali Pingle , Dr Raghu Thota, Dr. G. Ram Mohan 16:10 16:50