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Cancer biology - Anaesthetic implications
Tick-Talk - Effective pre-operative communication
Integrating principles of palliative care in anaesthesia practice
Pre-operative optimization - What is different in the cancer patients?

Airway assessment and intraoperative airway challenges
TORS - Anaesthetic challenges
Postoperative airway management strategies

Challenging cases -
Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) in a patient with mediastinal mass
Robotic pelvic surgery in obese patient

The effects of local anaesthetics in ovarian cancer
Anaesthetic technique alters long term survival after gastrointestinal oncosurgery

Key Note Lectures -
Cancer care - Challenges and solutions specific to Indian sub-continent
Oncoanaesthesia specialization - is it required? - Oncosurgeon's perspective

Thrombocytopenia and oncoprocedures
Hypotensive anaesthesia for oncosurgery - Is it still relevant?
Massive transfusion in pediatric oncosurgery
Liquid blood - Solid measures in cancer patients

Oncosurgery in IHD patients - How to escape the MAZ(C)E?
Geriatric oncoanaesthesia - Pushing the boundary!!!
RCC with tumour extension to RA - How do I manage?
Laparoscopic adrenalectomy for pheochromocytoma - Anaesthetic challenges

ERAS implementation and outcomes in oncosurgery
Cancer therapies : Implications in the perioperative period
Nutritional optimization in patients with GI obstructive cancer
Fluid therapy in Whipples procedure
Opioid free anaesthesia! Myth or reality?

Malignant brain tumours - Looking beyond the principles of neuroanaesthesia
Awake craniotomy for glioma

Research opportunities in oncoanesthesia
HIPEC and anaesthetic implications

Video presentations -
Anesthetizing for proton therapy in pediatric patients
Long term venous access techniques

Antibiotic stewardship in cancer patients
Paraneoplastic syndromes - danger lurking round the corner

Anaesthesia for VATS lobectomy/segmentectomy
Anaesthesia for hepatic resections
Anaesthesia for patients undergoing orthopedic oncologic surgeries

Ketamine for cancer pain and role of intranasal route
Pre-operative opioids for cancer pain - postoperative challenges
Acute pain services in a cancer hospital